MBA Vs. Executive MBA - Which is the best Management Course?

How often have you heard people telling an MBA will change your career or an MBA will earn you a good lifestyle and change your life for better? Yes, we all have heard these and a lot more when it comes to MBA.

If someone says they have a MBA Degree, how does it sound? Good, right? MBA graduates are looked up in our society because it can fetch us an increase in salary, get us new job opportunities, help us grow in our career ladder, if not a job it surely does help become an entrepreneur.

MBA has been a degree of utmost importance and pride for ages now. Be it at a job interview or a matrimonial interview, MBA plays a big role. This pandemic has changed a lot, especially in education and job landscapes. Technology has proved to be a boon in this pandemic for every sector. Education environment also leveraged technology to a great extent and is doing wonders for itself.

There are different types of MBAs offering a wide range of specializations. The types are –

  • Traditional or Full-time or Regular MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Part-time MBA
  • Distance MBA
  • Online MBA
  • Dual MBA

The above MBAs are available almost globally, and many overlap each other in different countries as per their educational standards.

Online education like distance learning courses have been existing for quite sometime now. When an individual says he has a MBA degree, no one can get to know if it’s online or traditional degree. Can we? Does it make any difference? Until and unless the person tells, one can’t know about it as end of the day, all that matters is that it matches the job.

So, the one question that pops up in everyone’s mind is what is better – the Online MBA or the Traditional MBA? Companies have been accepting candidates with online certifications and degrees, ensuring they have the right skillset matching the job applied for. Why is there still a war between the two modes of MBA?

The online classes, though flexible to attend, will never be able to compete with traditional classe

Let’s see why Online MBA surpasses Traditional MBA in today’s world!

  1. No Physical Presence Required: In Traditional MBA, the physical presence of the learner is the most important factor and is an eligibility criteria for appearing for exams. In Online MBA, physical presence is not required, making it easy for the learner to study as per their flexibility in time and place. Very few Online courses take attendance as a criteria. Thus, Online MBA surely is a plus in comparison to Traditional MBA in this factor.
  2. Flexibility in Work: Learners for MBA can be a fresher or a working professional. There is no barrier in age, work experience, etc. to study MBA. Online MBA makes it easy for a learner to not quit their job and study as per their availability. On the other hand, Traditional MBA requires the learner to be available at the campus for fixed number of hours, making it a compulsion on either taking up a part time job or quitting the job. Once again, Online MBA wins a point through this factor.
  3. Duration of the Program: Traditional MBA in general is a 2-year program with fixed no. of hours and days in a week. Part-time MBAs are also an option which usually take about 4-years. On contrast, Online MBA programs are available in great options today, ranging from a year to 18 months and are shorter in many cases. With no fixed no. of hours and lesser duration, Online MBA gets another point here.
  4. Application Process: In terms of the application process, both Online MBA and Traditional MBA are same. The similarity lies in the applicants appearing for GMAT, GRE, etc. (based on the College/ University) and submitting resumes and responses in form of essays, etc. The only fine line difference here is that Online MBA applicants have a competition against a slightly older demographics, when compared to the same age competition in campus. In short, if you have a demanding job and you plan to continue with the organization post MBA too, then Online MBA is a good choice.
  5. Other Factors: Factors like principles of teaching (exam schedule, submission of assignments, selection of venue, etc.) is flexible in Online MBA when compared to Traditional MBA which needs strict measures. The curriculum in Online MBA is crisp and concise when compared to the comprehensive curriculum in Traditional MBA.

There are many such factors to compare, but end of the day; with the changing environment in today’s world and the current pandemic scenario, Online MBA is the best choice for any learner.

There are many universities and organizations offering Online MBA. One such eLearning company, Trans Neuron is offering Online MBA on it’s LMS, iTrack. iTrack offers Amity’s Online MBA for students and working professionals.

With about 100s of students opting for this program and with 100s of colleges and companies offering an array of programs, Online MBA proves to be in demand and the one to look forward to.

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