Are you amongst the ones who ponder with the questions like – what next after graduation? Should I pursue MBA Degree? Will an MBA Degree bag me a good job offer? Is MBA worth it post Covid-19 pandemic? If these are the questions juggling in your head, you are at the right place.

MBA Degree has always been a degree of importance for Commerce stream students, and over the years we have seen it being pursued by students from other streams of education. Adding to them are the working professionals who take up this degree to enhance their skillsets and up-skill to advance in their careers.

2020 without any doubt was a year of fall in career, education and businesses, etc. The impact has been deep and huge, but with IIM Calcutta’s 2021 MBA batch recording 100% placement, there is a rise in the hope for the grads and professionals on taking up MBA Degree.

Deciding whether to study MBA or not is a big decision for a student and an aspiring professional. With it comes, tons of questions like – Which University? Are the pre-requisites like entry requirements, financial investments, time investment, etc. justified? At the end is it all worth it? MBA still remains the stepping-stone that enables the dreams and careers of many aspirants.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue MBA in 2021

Entry-Level Barriers

It’s always a nightmare for grads to get through campus interviews. A degree is always a pre-requisite to gain entry into dream companies, and an MBA degree adds a feather to the cap and helps in overcoming the barrier of entering the companies. Today, many companies have a policy and demand to hire only B-School grads. MBA is worth a degree to gain an entry into the top-level corporate world.

Career Growth

Companies are always seeking professionals with super skillsets. As a working professional, pursuing an MBA Degree is no less than a weapon to compete with peers. It helps an individual climb up the ladder in the organization. Many professionals are rejected for growth in the company due to a lack of MBA Degree. It’s important and can be considered a requirement in today’s corporate world.

Job Security & High Salaries

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MBA Degrees have started providing dual specializations, making it easier for students and professionals to choose their variant as per their career path. Job security is an important aspect for anyone and MBA Degree assures this to a certain extent. According to the QS Jobs & Salary Report, below are a few of the annual salaries across the globe:

  • Switzerland – USD 123,500 / year
  • US – USD 102,100 / year
  • Canada – USD 99,800 / year
  • Australia – USD 98,400 / year
  • UK – USD 92,400 / year

MBA Degrees hold a very important place during interviews and salary hikes.

No Age/ No Set Time

Is it ok for a 26 yr old to pursue MBA? Do B-Schools admit 30 yr olds or 40 yr olds for MBA? Fortunately, to pursue MBA Degree, one does not have to worry about their age. An average age for pursuing MBA is 27yrs old. And as a working professional, you can pursue the degree at any point of time in your career irrespective of your age.

Students might have the time to pursue MBA as it’s their milestone, but as a working professional, there is always a time constraint to study besides working. One can opt for a Full-Time or Part-Time MBA Program and pursue the degree. Luckily, MBA program doesn’t demand time and age as essential factors.

Global Experience

MBA programs are to get an understanding of the business to-dos as the name defines. It has shifted its focus towards global experience in the last decade or so. The program offers a cross-learning experience, where students have an exchange credit to go to another country to learn their way of business and learn their culture and their decision-making strategies. This gives ample exposure to networking to learners.

There are unending reasons why a person should pursue MBA Degree. Besides the above mentioned, here are a few of the other advantages – Gaining Entrepreneurship Skills, Networking Opportunities, Overall Personality Development, Brand Building, Boosting Confidence, Establishing High Credibility, Opportunity to Moving to New Location, Subject/ Specialization Electives, etc. Ace up your career today and make your 2021 count. Take up MBA and be sure of your future goals following the earning of an MBA Degree.

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